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Indonesia Maps HD, your private companion to explore Indonesia

Indonesia Maps

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world, with hundreds of islands scattered across the provinces. Each island is having wonderful natural sightseeing, with the characteristic of each region.

Indonesia Map, is the latest application by Mahoni.com that will be your personal guide when you visit beautiful Indonesia. This is a digital map applications, which practical and handy.

Indonesia Map is an application with high resolution maps, which are made with complete details in accordance by the state of Indonesia.

There are total of 75 maps in this application, which consists of 33 maps of provinces, 5 maps of the most visited tourism objects, 13 metropolitan cities and, 5 maps of the largest island in Indonesia and there are 20 regional maps in Bali, where Bali is a province that most widely visited by tourists in every year.

All maps in Indonesia Map application are digital map and “hand made”, which using the Vector application that being exported to the form of .Png. By the convenient that is given by  Mahoni.com, all the maps in Indonesia Map can be sent or shared via email and can be printed like a conventional map. By having high resolution in every picture, a printed map will not break and remain good for printing in large sizes.

By downloading Indonesia Map application, the user can directly operate it without the internet connection, because it already downloaded on iPad and ready to carry while traveling.
Moreover, all the facilities that exist in this application will be always updated in times, both in case of system maintenance or updating data that will also develop according to Indonesia’s update.

Indonesia Map is your private companion that leads you into beauty. Just come and see the beauty of Indonesia by downloading this application.

Download now on apps store here


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