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Alpha Board Application

Alpha Board is a digital application sign board for iPad. This application is very useful for a business communication for some events of time, welcoming guest from distance, give a particular sign, professional usage or even catch customer attention in some particular business moment. This Alpha Board is interestingly useful, for it is: – Easy […]

Indonesia Furniture Application

Indonesia Furniture is a free application that contain of references about numbers of Indonesia furniture that made of various design and materials like wooden teak, rattan, woven, mahogany, bamboo, antique,indoor and outdoor furniture and so on. Here, there is picture that describe by related article as a reference of the product and the company short […]

Papyrus Notes

Papyrus Notes is an application for note. It can accommodate your idea, in the middle of rush hour during your daily activities. This application is enable the user to attach the note into email and it can be modify as needed like erase, edit and save. Papyrus is a standard application that being used in […]

Asian Recipes Book Collections Video

Tango Browser

Tango Browser   This application is small, fast and useful for browsing, retrieving, presenting, and traversing any information resources on the internet via iPad. Like any other browser, Tango is created to fill the information that human being need to be filled, in case of web page, image, video, other content related. It fast, it […]

Potato Recipes

Potato Recipes

Potato Recipes Potato, is one of carb main source that highly rich of fiber and vitamin. In some countries, potato is the main carb as a substitute of rice in their menus. Meanwhile, in agrarian countries like Asia, they often use rice as the main carb ingredient. Instead of becomes mash potato or French fries, […]

Asian Recipes Books Collection

Asian Recipes Books Collection

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