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Voice Note +

Record yourself and then change your voice. Voice Note+ can do all the fun session with this simple and entertaining application. Just select many voices and effects available and play it as fun as you want to. For sure, Voice Note+ can also be used as a normal voice recorder during your business relating interview, […]

Papyrus Notes

Papyrus Notes is an application for note. It can accommodate your idea, in the middle of rush hour during your daily activities. This application is enable the user to attach the note into email and it can be modify as needed like erase, edit and save. Papyrus is a standard application that being used in […]

Potato Recipes

Potato Recipes

Potato Recipes Potato, is one of carb main source that highly rich of fiber and vitamin. In some countries, potato is the main carb as a substitute of rice in their menus. Meanwhile, in agrarian countries like Asia, they often use rice as the main carb ingredient. Instead of becomes mash potato or French fries, […]

Asian Recipes Book Collections

Asian Recipes Book Collections

Talking about Asian culinary, we must broke down the types into some categories according to the countries and the cultures that inhibit this continent. The major types can be defined as East Asian with the origin come up as Oriental cuisines or the root are taken from Imperial China, and now also come up from […]

Asian Recipes – 30 Egg Creations

What’s for breakfast this morning, an omelet, sunny side up or scramble egg? Have you ever think that there are bunch of dishes that can be made by using egg ingredient, out of those three popular egg dishes? We are agreeing that egg is an easy ingredient that can be found easily. Hence, we can […]

Asian Recipes – Best Soup Recipes

Everyone agree that soup can warm our body and make our soul feeling comfortable and relax. Talking about soup, it is directly referred to a bowl of vegetable, meat and broth or cream and delicate dressing. Soup is can also be divine as foods that use boiling system. This boiling is already invented since 6000 […]